What We Do

Acquity creates unique brands that target the audiences of our loyalty and affinity partners. We provide associations and their members with valuable deals and incentives they can’t find anywhere else.
Loyalty Programs

We develop programs that are easy to use and provide the best brands specifically designed for a client’s unique audience. Our customer reward incentives, multiple user touchpoints, and frictionless purchasing options are perfect for any loyalty program.

Brand Development

Our omni-channel approach and loyalty platforms result in more exposure for our brand partners.

Performance Acquisition

Our campaign management is ROI focused. With multiple platforms and brands, we're able to achieve lower acquisition costs for our partners.

Affinity Marketing

Led by the foremost industry experts in Affinity Marketing, we're looking for like-products and services that fit with existing sales funnels.

LifeTime Value Marketing

We're combining point-of-sale expertise along with long-term thinking. Providing customers with products and services that fits their unique lifestyle.

Cross-Platform Marketing

By combining new-age digital savvy in search engine optimization (SEO), SMS, and email, as well as good old-fashion tele-sales and partnership marketing, we're able to reach consumers in a variety of ways in order to be the most effective.

400,000 + monthly loyal customers

Acquity has found the loyalty and member benefits industries lacking in consumer-first, need-based products and services. We create performance partnerships that benefit the customers, the vendors and our partners.


Discover what Acquity can do to improve your brand.