Connecting your business to the right audience

Are you a merchant ready to share a deal on our platforms? Acquity is dedicated to growing your business together, meaning your business is our business. Increase your business volume, streamline your customer acquisition processes and show your customers appreciation for their loyalty. Combining partnership marketing experience and digital marketing savvy to build loyalty brands and bring engaged, meaningful buyers to the companies that want to target them.

Partner with us to reach millions of potential customers across the United States. Our strategic partnerships and network of properties empower our partners to achieve more. We provide the resources you need to succeed. Gain immediate access to a captivated audience looking to purchase your products or services.

In our experience we’ve found the loyalty/member benefits industries lacking in consumer-first, need-based products and services. Platforms focus too much on a “shopping experience” and of meaningless “exclusive discounts” rather than a member experience. As a response, we have developed a true concierge concept where we provide targeted offers and brands better suited to unique audiences.

Market Driven, Brand Focused

When you do well, we do well. The backbone of our business is partnerships with you. These shared values push us to provide you with credible, qualified and motivated leads eager to buy your product or service. For best results, we specialize in the following market verticals:

  • Consumer
  • Electronics
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Homeowners
  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Seniors
  • Technology
  • Travel

If your target audience is in any of these industries or related verticals, please contact us to schedule an exploratory consultation.

The Acquity Advantage

We have the tools and the knowledge your business needs to increase sales opportunities and generate more revenue to improve your bottom line:

Top-Notch Network
Open your business up to Acquity’s vast affiliate network.

First-Rate Call Center
Our North American based call center is staffed with dozens of highly trained native English speakers.

Direct Support
We are a small business with the resources of a corporation, including around-the-clock support and a knowledgeable leadership team committed to you.

Enhanced Digital Marketing
We leverage email campaigns, social media, PPC/SEO and other modern marketing best practices to achieve the best results.

If you are interested in working with us or scheduling an exploratory call, please contact us by calling 888-609-3521 or email